Start with Compassion

How You Show Up Matters!

Are you looking to build stronger and more meaningful relationships? Amy is a premier keynote speaker who has created three powerful talks that can show you how to use compassion as an intentional and effective tool. Her transformative multi-step ‘Start With Compassion’ ™ framework is built on the powerful notion of compassion and how it can be used to create the lifestyle and career that matters to you by helping you show up as your best self!

Three Powerful Talks

How You Show up Matters

You can make a conscious decision at any moment on how you want to show up. How you show up can directly impact the trajectory of your life. In this talk, Amy speaks candidly about her journey, interspersing her narrative with poignant stories that both inspire and motivate. The content challenges the audience on the importance of getting intentional and taking an honest look at what might be preventing someone from showing up as their best self in their career.

Compassionate Mindset

In the workplace, a compassionate mindset can foster a collaborative, cooperative, and innovative environment, resulting in optimized results. Amy’s talk explores the power of compassionate leadership and how it can transform an organization’s culture.

Empowerment – Move Beyond Your Barriers

Are you satisfied with where you are in your career? Are you creating barriers that are preventing you from building the career that you want? Self-empowerment is about recognizing your strengths, silencing the judger, and becoming more confident in yourself. Amy’s talk explores the power of self-advocacy, prioritizing your priorities, and dispelling limiting beliefs.

Clients Love Working With Amy Q

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“I attended a remote session given by Amy Quesenberry and it was incredibly informative. She was able to provide helpful insights that I can use in my own projects, plus she was very personable with her delivery. I’m grateful for Amy’s time and effort in preparing the session – thank you!”

“I recently attended a session with Amy Quesenberry and it was truly remarkable! She was able to explain complex concepts in simple terms that everyone could understand. She engaged us through interactive activities and delivered valuable information. Amy is an amazing speaker who truly cares about her audience, I’m so thankful for the knowledge she shared with us.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Quesenberry on multiple occasions. Her knowledge and experience in her field is top notch and she always shares practical tips that you can use right away. I always leave our sessions feeling inspired and motivated to put into action the things I learn from her. Thank you, Amy, for your help!”

“Working with Amy Quesenberry has been a truly life-changing experience. She has been able to help me find clarity in my life, and push me to be the best version of myself. I am so thankful for all the things I have learned from her, and would highly recommend her services!”

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